As the Corona virus rages on and we are confined to our homes, many are experiencing increased stress and anxiety. Stress often contributes to chronic disease and a decrease in quality of life. 

Understandably, we all need to feel we are going to be safe and healthy. We look to ways to help us feel better and less stressed. 

So what can we do to lesson our stress in a healthy way? 

Scientists have studied the effects of yoga in reducing stress and anxiety. One study indicated that out of 35 trials of yoga reducing stress, 25 of those trials resulted in people reporting a decreased feeling of stress and anxiety. 

Not only were people's feelings researched, but their physiological response to yoga was measured. Blood pressures and resting heart rates lowered.

Scientists continue to research the effects of yoga on stress and other health benefits of yoga. 

But, common sense tells us, exercise is beneficial to our bodies and distraction from our stress is helpful. Yoga provides both.